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Use recycle to chop up a vocal loop

Vocoding a vocal loop

An introduction to refills


Rewire Reason with Ableton Live


Use Recycle & DrRex to chop up a loop (part 1)


Use Recycle & DrRex to chop up a loop (part 2)


A free audio editor


How to export loops


Playing Rex files with an NN-XT


Customize a Rex file with an NN-XT


Use NN-XT to scratch samples like a DJ


Creating subtractor patches


Routing external audio into Thor


Use a midi keyboard to trigger the step sequencer in Thor


Use a combinator for a drum sub-mix


Use a combinator to create a split instrument


Controlling Matrix with the sequencer


Creating a lead line with the RPG-8


Use Scream 4 to give your songs more punch


Using Scream 4 on a Redrum beat


Using the vocoder as an equalizer


Copy & Paste between reason songs


Remote override edit mode


Keyboard control edit mode


Create a pumping effect with sidechain compression


Importing & exporting midi


Playing a wav file with an NN-XT


Using the combinator effects


Using a recorded guitar inside Reason


Creating a gated effect


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