Very helpful
I've been using the online video tutorials for about two weeks now, and I've found them an invaluable aid in getting to grips with Reason. The explanations of the ways that filters and so forth work in the synth modules were particularly helpful for a non-boffin guitar player like me! As well as being excellent as tutorial material they're also a great resource reference. I'd recommend them to anyone starting out with Reason, and even to those who've had it for a while but would like to squeeze that extra bit out of the software.

Very Helpful
I found this site to have the most comprehensive and complete tutorials for reason 4 available. Matt goes through all of the main features, components, instruments, and explains what each knob and dial does in detail. Excellent, and recommended for the beginner and intermediate user. Plus, it's only ten bucks. -John

None better!!
I was pretty new to reason, so I needed to soak in as much information as I could about running the software. Little did I know that when I joined the site, I would get all that I needed from one source. I have now been using reason for about 4 months and getting better everyday thanks to Matt and his tutorials. Each tutorial has so much information in it, that I find myself learning in steps by repeating the turtorials once or twice. If you are the type of person that learns by visuals, this is the site for you. Thanks Matt! You have really helped make Reason 4 an excellent investment.

Great tutorials, expecially for a beginner like myself. I really love to watch and try instead of reading and trying to understand the real meaning of what the book is telling me. I'm trying to teach Office to my students (I'm not a teacher but I know how things work) so believe me if I say I understand your work is not easy at all. But in the end, I'm satisfied so I believe that your work is useful and why not, even relaxing to me. Grazie!

keeps getting better
ive been busy following the tutorials matt kindy made and shared with us noobies.. im learning a heck of a lot.. never new i could enjoy making music in another music daw.. but im so glad i gave it a try im hooked.. anyone with any brains would join this site, its fun friendly and always willing to help in message boards on forum for stuck in a ruts lol .. 10/10 for this tutorial site

I just recently started using Reason 4, which is my first introduction to digital recording. I viewed some other video tutorials, but I came upon Matt's site fortuitously, and - what a gold mine! He is a fabulous teacher. He goes at a decent pace and he spends a considerable amount of time explaining important details of each part of the program. Matt is quick to answer each email and is always extremely helpful and professional. I would definitely recommend this site for anyone who is interested in learning Reason.
Outstanding Resource
I've just recently got into music production knowing very little about music or DAW's at all. When I first started using Reason on my own I had no idea what I was doing. So I decided to hunt around for some good tutorial sites, and of course, I came upon this site. After watching the first 8 free tutorials, I did not hesistate to sign up and download the remaining tutorials. They are an excellent resource to get your head around reason, especially if you know very little about it, or even ifyou want to brush up on your skills. Plus, this site is updated with new videos regularly! Keep it up Matt!

Great Resource!
Thank you Matt for making these fine videos to watch and learn by instead of painfully going through the manual! Excellent video tutorials of all aspects of this awesome software.I have owned Reason for several years and have found that your numerous shortcuts and detailed explanations have saved me much grief! Kudos to you for a job well done!

Excellent Tutorials
I have found these tutorials to be very helpful in gaining a quick & thorough understanding of the all the important aspects of Reason 4. The tutorials are very well presented & Matt's explanations about the workings of Reason 4 are clear & easy to understand. Matt, thanks for all the hard work you put into these tutorials. Well worth the very reasonable subscription fee. If you want to know more about Reason 4, then don't delay - subscribe today!

These Tutorials are the best
I am having so much fun learning how to make the music i love. The tutorials are really hands on and i love how they are broken down for easy learning. Everyone should sign up to learn all the great things that this program has to offer. Thanks yo Matt on here for taking the time to do all this and sharing his knowledge to us all that want to learn. I can't wait for Reason 5!!!
Dj Scramble

The best tutorials I,ve seen
These tutorials are great! The props have their own tutorials on the Reason web site, but they,re not a patch on these...simple and clear, easy to follow...after seeing the free tutorials I paid the $10 straight away. croaky

great value,great tutorials
Just to add my twopence worth, this is by far the best reason resource I have come across and is absolutely great value for money. Would highly recommend to anyone. I am totally new to reason and to music production in general and these tutorials have helped me out no end. In fact, I've managed to knock up 2 half decent tunes in just a few hours. Matt seems a top guy and goes out of his way to answer any questions and provide info. Top site, top guy! well done mate!

I've been playing with Reason now for about 6 months and can safely say this is the best tutorial site I have come across both on the web and in book mode. Matt goes through each of the instruments in detail, with each part of the instrument explained thoroughly in a clear and concise manner. Without doubt the best source for learning about Reason and well worth the small fee.

Keep it up
Thank you, Matt I have been using Reason for years and these are by far the best tutorials available on the Internet. These give a great leg up on Reason 4. Keep up the good works

This is a fantastic website.I have picked up so many tips in such a short space of time which otherwise would have taken weeks..Highly recommended to anyone interested in using Reason.

Top Notch
Thanks Matt. Your approach to teaching Reason enabled me to jump right in with ZERO experience and get INCREDIBLE results in one afternoon/evening. I highly recommend this tutorial series for absolute newbies like me to experienced sequencer users. You can't go wrong with it.

Great for "newbies" like me . . .
There isn't a better deal on the planet for $10. These tutorials are great and the host demonstrates mastery of the many devices, which are quite bewildering to me. I have managed to put together some fairly impressive beats as a result of watching these tutorials and posting questions on the Forum. I watch some of the tutorials over, and over, and over. Highly recommended!

From Old School to New School!!!
It dont get no better than this!!! Being an old school music head and producer that started spinning records on turntables that wouldnt even scratch back in the early 80's and having to spin your records really fast just to get a decent length sample,Ive evolved from handheld drum machines to MPC 60's, 3000's, and various hardware to Reason. I still use alot of my old hardware, but I only bought Reason because my son kept bugging me to get it for him. Before I bought it I found Matt @ Reason 4 tutorials. I joined the site and started watching the vids and man Im hooked now. My son and I love Reasons and the tutorials, Man we just cant get enough of it. I look forward to checking my emails and seeing there are new tutorials. Matt you really out did yourself and we couldnt thank you enough. When you come to the states, if youre ever in GA your always welcome @ my house of music. Thanks. -CANE-

Very Informative!
I saw your intro on what tools ie.(books to use) that will help you get more bang for what your bucking for. So I searched the web and found the book that had drum patterns and It is one of the tools I use sometimes to get a base build when Im lacking luster but want to submit a hot track. The outcome was "World dominace" where I used the book to make the base beat. Check it out at www.myspace.com/thenoiziest

Love it!
I am new to Reason. I am positive the tutorials on this site have shortened my learning curve exponentially!! They are so so helpful, walking me through each step and at the same time explaining terminology/concepts at a level I can understand. Awesome stuff...and for $10 are you kidding me? Amazing! Thanks Matt and anyone else responsible for producing!

you've got me hooked !
Hi Matt, I've only just started using reason and was pretty much going in very small circles considering i've never done or used anything like this before, then a friend told me about your site and the tutorials, after watching the first one i was hooked and knew i'd have spent the best few quid ever on a subscription, as you said in your first tutorial, i'm just like you in as much as all the books in the world wouldn't help me as i find it easier to see whats going on, i've already saved my own opening template and altered my preferences to suit me, All i can say is thank you and keep the tutorials coming, as the way show and describe what to do really suits me, Thanks once again !

Your tutorials offer fantastic instruction and are amazing value for money. To be able to break down such a feature rich application such as Reason is no mean feat, after a dozen or so lessons I was able to create music and I'm really looking forward to progressing throughout the rest of the course. Thank-you!
Andrew Brockway

Thanks !
I was a complete newbie in Reason, and now thanks to Matt, I find myself giving tips to my friends ! The tutorials are educational, detailed and interesting. And all that for 10 $... I would recommend them to anyone.

I have been using Reason for the past 3 years, but I have learnt more from Matt's tutorials in the last month, than in all that time. I would recommend subscibing to anyone who wants to learn about Reason. It is one of the best resources.

excellent resource
gotta hand it to you Matt it's a great set of tutorials especially for those amongst us who have manual fatigue, so many times i pick up a manual only to start nodding off to sleep as i read. Thankfully your tutorials avoid the boredom factor by being succinct and informative.. many thanks for the hard work and regular updates! chris

Excellent Tutorials
These tutorials have been a treasure for me. Thank you, Matt, for taking your time and really explaining how reason 4 works. Peace to you and yours.

Exceptional value
I have spent over $200 on Reason tutorial books and CD’s, but have found that Matt’s tutorials have actually been more useful to me in learning how to use this software program. For only $10, I would recommend that you get a subscription to his site before you spend a penny on any other book, CD or online program! It is an exceptional value and a great way to learn how to use Reason 4.

This site was so helpfull, I wish everything this complex was this easy to learn. I have had Reason 4 for about 6 months now, and because I hate reading, and all the (hard to understand) tutorials on the web I kept pushing it aside. Now with reason4tutorials.com has made the learning fun and has got me exited to produce again. For 10 dollars its a steal... THANKS AGAIN MATT

cool tutorials
why read the manual when you can pay a fiver to have it explained? good to have an english voice too ! cheers dude, really improved my work-rate and knowledge of all the power reason has to offer Jon

Very Nice worth every penny!
Thank for your excellent tutorials! Your pace is good and it makes learning very painless. It is so nice to have someone put up competent information and not overcharge. Hope you really thrive and take on other synth/daw tools in the future.

Easy Strait forward teaching
You speak in a very easy to understand manner, its great as I'm a beginner and haven't caught on to all the music terminology yet, allot easier to follow than other tutorials I have tried to use, this page is open when ever reason is, a great investment.

brilliant tutorials
What an amazing resource, thank you Matt. You knowledge is impressive and you convey it really well. I feel I'm learning in a direct and expedited way through your tutorials. Very reasonably priced. Highly recommended.

Best investment I've made in a long time!
I just want to say, that I'm glad I found this site and the forum. The tutorials and the video are very help full. The reason4 Power! The Comprehensive Guide. And Reason 4 Ignite! books were very helpful to. Thank You! Matt

Best $15 I have spent in a very long time!!!
This is one of the best Reason tutorials available on the web and I'm writing this testimonial within two hours of my purchase!! A must have tutorial to build a strong base in Reason prior to you embarking on your journey of satisfying our hearing sense! cheers ^ _ ^

Matt's in the hizouse!
I have other tutorials on Reason and yours is the most straightforward and easy to understand. I've pretty much learned more in the 1st hour than I have days of reading. Shout out to you Matt, this is what you call a real tutorial!!!

Learning Curve
Thanks for this great resource, I'm new to Reason and trying to develop ideas for my music projects. Matt is great to listen to and doesn't miss explaining the various tricks to help get you up and running. For years I've been wanting to get into DAW and decided to take the plunge and went for Reason. When I found this Reason 4 training resource which I've now been using for a couple of weeks, I find it makes learning so much more productive with listening to the hands on explanations. Im looking forward to a lot of doodling and working through the tutes to get up to speed. Cheers

The tutorials have helped me immensely! I have recommended this site to many friends who use reason 4 because the tutorials are so good! Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

I found Matt's training videos exceptional. He gets straight to the point in each lesson, without leaving anything unsaid. I will definately be signing up for his RECORD training videos when that's out. The forums are very helpful as well. I just don't know how he can manage to sell the lifetime subcripitions for so cheap. I would easily pay double, but who's coomplaining. I also wanna say congratulations to Matt for his newborn. I wish you all the best buddy. SHAVEZ

Incredibly Thorough
Covers every aspect of every feature, doesn't leave anything out where you might miss a step because you lack general computer knowledge. HIGHLY recommended!
DJ Dinsy

These Tutorials Are Excellent!!!!
I have been using Reason since version 3, but was not even tapping the surface with it's capabilities. I had purchased videos by other companies for double the price of a subscription here, but was not even getting half of what you offer. I have learned so much about workings of Reason 4 from your website that my production has improved. I have reccomended your tutorials to everyone that I know who uses Reason 4. Thank you so much for the time and effort put into developing and presenting these tutorials. Blessings, an appreciative subscriber

Great tutorials!
I have learned more about Reason and Live from Matt's tutorials than anywhere else. They're concise yet full of information, well organized, and cover everything! Matt should be teaching these programs as a profession.

Very Easy Start
For someone who just getting started on reason or want to increase their knowledge on reason its a great tutorial. I've been using reason from many years but i still went through these tutorials because there are many thing that you will still miss out if you have learned reason on your own. Very clearly explained!

Excellent, easy-to-follow tutorials
I decided to learn Reason as a supplement to other DAW software I use. Although I'm familiar with a lot of the steps involved in routing/mixing digital audio and working with midi - I found Reason's own tutorials difficult to follow. Matt's videos made much more sense and being broken down into easily manageable and watchable chunks I was up & running with Reason 4 in no time. Great work!

I'd hire Matt!
The only thing better than Matt's tutorials, conceivably, is, Matt. If only I lived close-by, I'd welcome an in-person session with him. In lieu of that, Matt's videos are thoroughly helpful and are presented in manageable bite-sized sessions. And he's likeable to boot.

Matt's Reason 4 Tutorials
Matt's tutorials are, without doubt, the best Reason 4 tutorials available on the internet. Clear, concise, and delivered in Matt's friendly and helpful voice, they are imbued with obvious consideration to the varied skill levels of his subscribers. From the most basic, 'you plug it in here' of the early videos, to the complex routing for side chaining and control voltage connections, etc., of the later ones, he makes it all seem so easy. Which of course, it isn't. Any idiot can impart knowledge - it takes rare skill to make the complex appear simple. Matt has that gift. I couldn't recommend him highly enough. I've learned a lot here. 10/10.
Gary (Setanta)

Very helpful tutorials. I have gained some very important knowledge that has helped my mixes. Thank you.

Excellent Value!!
This UK produced tutorial is one of the best online tutorials available Why bother reading page after page of manual when you see and do how it's done

Excellent Tutor
I already knew a bit about Reason from books and using the software for a few years, but Matt's tutorials took it to a new level altogether. His method of teaching made it so easy to understand, and I learnt such a lot, in a short space of time, all thanks to Matt

the best
this site was very helpful, I actually produced this whole album in reason, with these TIPS! http://www.reverbnation.com/tunepak/824496

A Valuable Learning Tool
I have used video and printed tutorials on Reason 4 from other sources, including VTC.com. The Reason 4 Online Video Tutorials which Matt has assembled far surpass the others in a number of ways: (1) organization and flow of the materials; (2) the "behind-the-scenes" explanations of why (musicians in the other tutorials seldom give the 'why'); (3) alternative methods of doing a particular task; (4) leaving nothing out: all the buttons and controls are covered; and (5) explaining how things fit together in composing, writing songs so that you get far more than a how-to explanation. The price is also a pleasant surprise.
Jim Brewer

I am a professional bassist and producer. I was hearing great things about reason and started to look for tutorials that were straight forward, effective, and practical. Matt's video's have been an invaluable resource. They start off from the beginning and take you "under the hood" of the program. These video's are a must; they help you to get to work immediately, guiding you through to professional production tips. After trying 2 other DVD tutorial video's, these are hands down the best.

Wonderfully executed tutorials
Wow Matt, I have to say this is among the best video tutorial set for any software; let alone music production which is usually very complex. Your methods of collating sections and concentrating on piece by piece analysis is second to none. A 5 year old could follow this yet it is taught at a perfect pace. Can't recommend this enough especially considering the price. Bravo, the first time in a long time I haven't been ripped off on the internet.
Day Day

The Way to go for Reason 4
I originally found this site completely by accident. For me, it has the most comprehensive and complete tutorials for reason 4. Before coming across this site, I had bought Ask Video Reason 4 Tutorial DVD and I paid something like $60 P&P included for the tutorial. Forget it…..it doesn’t even come close Matt’s stuff. Matt goes through absolutely everything in Reason 4, all of the components, instruments etc, he explains in great detail….and in a way that everybody will understand. I would recommend this for beginner’s and also intermediate user….there’s a lot of stuff in there!!!! Thanks Matt, and I am looking forward to your Record Tutorials. Gerry Lane.
Gerry Lane

Great Tutor with Excellent Contents
Needless to say that having relative contents in a tutorial is very important, but what is even crucial is; the ability of a tutor to teach/explain those content to a diverse group of individuals who all have different learning curves/skills. Matt by far is the BEST educator I have come across. His assuring tone, level of confidence, knowledge on subjects and more importantly, ability to relate to the needs of new, intermediate and advanced learners is truly admiring. I have developed great skills in Reason 4 after going through Matt's tutorials. Thank you Matt for creating this website. You make Reason seem like the easiest software to learn.

Great Resource
I find your product to be very straightforward and presented in a manner I find most conducive to learning Reason. The instructions are handled in bite-sized pieces which can be easily assimilated and viewed as often as necessary to learn a particular skill. Looking forward to the tutorials on Record!
The Dude Abides

I have these tutorials excellent. I am using them in conjunction with an online course I teach for Reason 4. Professor of Music Broward College The online course can be found at the Music Industry Educators WEBSITE http://www.musicindustryeducators.com/music_course_details.asp?id=22
Carey Kleiman

There are no others
Simply the best!

excellent tutor
I have found Matts tutorials to be extremely useful. Very easy to understand and to put into use.

Totally comprehensive!!
When I first purchased Reason 4, I searched the web for info on the product and very fortunately for me, I found Matt's site. It's incredible what you get for the subscription price. I've learnt a huge amount about how to use Reason 4 from Matt and his tutorials. The tutorials cover each device in great detail and Matt really sounds like he knows the stuff very well. Whenever, I've needed information about Reason 4, I tend to go to Matt's site first and then read the Reason manual later...it's that good. Keep up the good work mate :-)

Great tutorials
I've learned so much from these tutorials (and the ableton live ones) from matt, moreso than i could have hoped when i started out. Matts ability to explain tough topics in simple language is a great skill and he understands exactly what people require at this stage in learning the respective software. Great tutorials from a great guy, well done matt deeqe

The best
When i first got Reason i was clueless as to get this "thing" to work in my favor. I am not a tech-savvy person by any means at all,and there are alot of tutorials for Reason,but there was something about Matt and his website. First off,15 dollars for a lifetime of tutorials is a great deal,granted it is only web accessible,but who doesn't have a connection these days. Secondly,Matt explains everything from a beginner's point of view,and explains everything very concise. You can not go wrong with this site. Shawn from Denver

Overwhelmed? NO MORE!
I searched for weeks after getting REASON to help get a grip on using the program. It has so much packed in to it. I discovered Matt's tutorials and it was almost like the heavens opened up. These videos are invaluable for learning and brushing up on the use of REASON. He doesn't charge enough for these tutorials but I'm NOT going to tell him.
S L Mitchell

without your website i probably wouldn't have come so far in my production using reason you've done an excellent job explaining reason in your tutorials i never thought i would understand the cv connections or how to use that thor but after your watching your videos it was surprisingly easy to understand im still waiting on that record tutorial though :-)

These were very helpful videos. I went through them all, and still refer back to them when I need to remember what some obscure knob or switch does.

And Just When I thought I knew...
I purchased a membership because I wanted to Learn Thor. Thor looked very confusing and I did not know where to start until I watched your Thor Videos. I thought I didn't need the other tutorials because I was an avid user of Reason 3. Nope, I learned more from your tutorials. Thank You for teaching me about filters, ADSR,and I am still not finish learning. VERY VERY GOOD JOB!!! You did a better job explaining Reason4 than the Lynda.com videos.

Excellent tutorials
having been a Reason 4 user for a few months now,these tutorial videos have been a great help in understanding Reason 4. Matt goes into each section in detail,so you can see and hear what is going on. These tutorials are a brilliant help to all newbies and people who need a bit of a refresh. Great work Matt

reason 4
A big thank you Matt.Reason4 was lying in my computer for a long time idle because I did not have a Midi key board with USB.Then I bought the oxygen61.The vendor told me refer to youtube how to use.I was worried and thought I made a mistake of buying the key board. Then I came across Matt's tutorial and subscribed and asked my first doubt.Immediately he replied.Now I have downloaded the tutorials.Going to start the tutorial with confidence.Thank you Matt.