Making A Track
For a one off payment of $4 you can get instant access to watch online or download a collection of 9 tutorials (total running time: 1 hour 12 minues) that show you step by step, how to put a complete song together in Reason 4.

The Tutorials are :
Tutorial 1 - Getting Organised (2:19)
Tutorial 2 - Setting Up the Drums (8:41)
Tutorial 3 - Recording The Drums (4:43)
Tutorial 4 - Adding Sub & Crackle (5:37)
Tutorial 5 - Recording The Piano (12:16)
Tutorial 6 - Song Arrangement & Extra Elements (9:27)
Tutorial 7 - Obtaining & Preparing Audio Samples (5:27)
Tutorial 8 - Using NN-XT With Audio Samples (12:43)
Tutorial 9 - Finishing Touches & Setting The M-Class Mastering Suite (10:41)

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Once payment has been made you can watch the tutorials on the 'Tutorials' page and you can download the tutorials from the 'Downloads' page.