Products offers three products.
All content can be viewed online and is also available for immediate download.
If you are unable to watch the online content or download, then a DVD is available to purchase.

Product 1 - Over 10 Hours Of Tutorials

Price: One off payment of $8
This step by step tutorial course provides you with 100 video tutorials, over 10 hours of tuition that will teach you everything there is to know about how to use Reason 4.
The videos can be watched online and they can also be downloaded to your computer.
List of tutorials....
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Product 2 - 'Making A Track' Tutorials

Price: One off payment of $4
This short tutorial course of 9 videos provides you with step by step video tutorials that show how to put together a complete track in Reason 4. The tutorials begins with an empty rack and then step by step you will see how new elements are added to compose and arrange the song until it is completed.
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Product 3 - Over 300 Redrum Patterns

Price: One off payment of $4
Need some inspiration for your drum patterns?
Then this Reason 4 song file will be the kick start that you require to get you going. The song file contains 12 Redrums that have been pre-programmed with over 300 drum patterns in various musical styles.
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